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09-23-05 Paper #1 - Isenberg 1 Russell Isenberg Dr Kowalski...

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Isenberg 1 Russell Isenberg Dr. Kowalski English 125 4 October 2005 Warped Society Johnny jumped into the room, swinging his nunchucks around like a deranged Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, smashing little Susie’s dollhouse to pieces. “You did that on purpose!” said Susie, while Johnny was still karate chopping a seemingly “visible” enemy. “Johnny, go to your room,” said his mother, and he listened to her. He went to his room to play with his matchbox cars and Batman action figures. “Joker, this time you will not get away, you won’t be so lucky”, as Johnny narrates an epic battle between the sinister Joker and the marvelous Batman. “Once again I have won the battle”, Batman cries. Meanwhile, little Susie is still sobbing over the massive damage to Sylvia’s beautiful mansion; four bathrooms, five bedrooms and an entertainment room. “Why does Johnny have to be so mean,” states Susie. “That’s just how boys are,” said Susie’s mother. This is what goes on in the majority of households in America. Companies such as Mattel and Hasbro are setting out to choose what toys children will play with, therefore partially determining their personality and views of the opposite sex. But some people have broken this barrier, succeeding above others. As a boy growing up, Larry always would challenge his friends in a match of “defend the fort”, using his swing set and backyard as the fort; Super Soakers
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Isenberg 2 and water balloons as his weapons. The battle began, nearly starting World War III, and one can only say, “They’re gonna be the next Marines.” What Larry doesn’t know is that he is actually being bred by the US Government in
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