10-09-05 Paper #2 - Isenberg 1 Russell Isenberg Dr Kowalski...

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Isenberg 1 Russell Isenberg Dr. Kowalski English 125 11 October 2005 Murphy’s Cursed Law Joanna grabs her purse as she rushes out the door; have to get Tommy to school by 7:00, buy some groceries, then drop Suzie off at soccer practice, pickup Tommy and take him to Karate, it’s a full day. She reaches towards the counter, snatching at the keys to the brand new 2005 BMW 7 Series, but suddenly realizing that they were not there. She frantically looked around, trying to figure out where they were. “Sammy, do you have them?” Joanna questioned. “No mom,” Sammy replied. Joanna finally found the keys, hidden under her son Bobby’s jacket. This undoubtedly plagues many families in America today; delaying soccer practices, missing the blue light specials, and watching someone else grab the last bag of Doritos. In fact, items such as keys purposely lose themselves, in attempts to confuse and aggravate people. A similar event occurred to me the other day. I was sitting down to watch the Penn State vs. Ohio State football game, and low and behold, the remote had gone missing. But this wasn’t a regular stubborn controller; it had hid itself to the unbelievable extent that I spent more time than I wanted to trying to find it. I ended up giving up, and I went next door to watch the game with my friends. Upon returning to my room, I discover my roommate watching TV, holding the one item that had eluded me all afternoon. I asked him where he found it, and he
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Isenberg 2 replied that it was sitting behind the TV. After debating whether or not I had searched behind the TV, I came to the upsetting conclusion that my roommate was actually in cohorts with my remote; he was helping it to find good hiding
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10-09-05 Paper #2 - Isenberg 1 Russell Isenberg Dr Kowalski...

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