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ChBE 2110 Practice Questions for Final Exam Fall 2007 Professor Gallivan From Elliott and Lira: o 7.2, Derive in terms of Z( ρ ,T) o 7.6 o 7.25, Instead of Peng-Robinson, use (1) methane chart, (2) ideal gas law (c p /R = 4.298, and (3) the van der Waals equation. o Suppose you are given a cubic equation of state of the form P = f(V,T) and coefficients for the Antoine equation. Explain how you would construct a phase diagram based on this information. Be sure to make a sketch. Explain how you will
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Unformatted text preview: find the critical point. Attempt to work these in 2 hours. You may use any tables in the text, but try not to refer to the remainder of the text since the exam will be closed book. Since you can bring 3 single sided pagse of notes to the exam, you may wish to make these sheets first and use them to take the practice exam. (And presumably then revise it after taking the practice exam.) We will discuss these questions in the office hour review session on Friday at 5 pm....
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