Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Lecture 9 Intelligence and Intelligence Tests...

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Lecture 9 Intelligence and Intelligence Tests What is intelligence? Ability to judge, comprehend, and reason Ability to deal with novel situations Mental abilities that allow one to adapt to, shape, or select one’s environment Spearman’s g Factor Looked at individual differences Correlation between performance on one activity and performance on another activity General intelligence “g” -single underlying ability Specific intelligence “s” -musical, logical, mechanical, arithmetical, and spatial abilities What is the Single Underlying Ability of g ? Mental speed Visual processing speed Working memory capacity Fluid vs. Crystallized Intelligences Future research worked to explain types of “s” (specific intelligences) Fluid vs. Crystallized Intelligence (Cattell) o Fluid: reasoning and using information, ability to learn new info, recognize relationships, and solve unfamiliar problems o Crystallized: already acquired skills and knowledge, ability to apply this knowledge Fluid- peak before age 20, remains steady and then declines in old age e.g., learning about intelligence in Psych10 Crystallized- continues to increase across life span e.g., expertise, psychology professor Multiple Intelligences (Gardner) Unrelated intelligences Can be skilled in one area but not another Intelligences: o Language o Musical abilities o Logical and mathematical reasoning o Spatial reasoning
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o Ability to recognize and classify objects o Kinesthetic skills o Self-control and self-understanding o Sensitivity to others’ social signals E.g. “dumb jock” But all of these would have to be unrelated, but they are related
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Lecture 9 - Lecture 9 Intelligence and Intelligence Tests...

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