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Outline of lecture 1 (Jan 14; 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.) 1. Mass defect and binding energy a) Definitions: mass number, atomic number, amu, eV b) Mass defect c) Binding energy; Einstein’s formula d) Binding energy per nucleon: fission and fusion processes 2. Nuclear reactions a) Q-value of a reaction b) Kinematics of nuclear reactions: center of mass system, laboratory system c) Energy threshold for endothermic reactions 3. Nuclear decay a) Radioactive decay: β , α , γ ; nucleus excited states
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Unformatted text preview: b) Radioactivity calculations: exponential decay, definition of activity c) Half-life, mean-life, decay chain. 4. Neutrons interactions a) Neutrons interactions: elastic scattering, inelastic scattering, k-capture, charged particle reactions, neutron producing reactions b) Cross section; macroscopic cross section c) Neutron beam attenuation; mean free path d) Definition of neutron flux e) Cross section as a function of neutron energy; resonances...
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