HW#4 - Chan-Mi Chun Discussion section #14743 Discussion...

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Chan-Mi Chun Discussion section #14743 Discussion Assignment #4 TA: Jody Tolan 2. Why do you think employers put so much emphasis on the interview as a selection device? Interviews are the most effective method of employee selection that reflects candidates’ level of adjustment to the social and work environment. In addition, interviews can assess candidates’ level of confidence, consciousness and even personality. For example, even though the one shows higher academic record on the resume than others sometimes the company would require more highly sociable employees and this is highly identifiable by the resume. Aptitude tests, psychometric tests and verbal interviews are all examples of interviews developed to test for these skills. 4. GE prides itself on continually raising the performance bar by annually letting go employees who perform in the lowest 10 percent. In contrast, Cleveland-based Lincoln Electric Co. Prides itself on it no-layoff policy. Lincoln Electric has provided its employees with guaranteed employment since 1958. How can two
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HW#4 - Chan-Mi Chun Discussion section #14743 Discussion...

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