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poetry - Ohoh it is too late to go backward I need to pass...

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Sion Chun  May 23 rd , 2008  Period #3 Ball-Shooter It's always good to shoot the ball I overshoot the ball over the goalkeeper of an enemy. When I see the flock of players coming toward me all, I need to block their crosswalk to my goal in front of me. I run with a ball toward enemy's goal And my enemy tackles me. I stun and run again to take my ball again. When I penetrate the enemy's guard I try to shoot the ball straight.
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Unformatted text preview: Ohoh, it is too late to go backward. I need to pass my ball fast before an impasse. I fake my enemies, And I fight for the ball as a carnivore. Because I am a jake ball-shooter Opposite guards can not block me for their sake of score. The game ends at night. Some people laugh, cheer and leap, Some people cry, sigh and fight. I come back home with my victorious comrades....
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