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Angela Shamay Economic Development Urban Studies 101: Urban Poverty and Affluence Homework Assignment # 7 Due: 10/31/2007 Your answer to this week’s homework should be based on information presented in Peter Eisinger’s “The Politics of Bread and Circuses” Imagine that you are an urban planner who must decide the fate of New York City. Write a paragraph in support of each of the following economic development plans. 1) The City as an Entertainment Venue . New York, like other cities, has fallen on hard times. We are receiving only a fraction of the funding from the federal government that we once received. Affluent residents and businesses are leaving the city in droves. The city tax base is seriously eroded. We have no choice but to devote all of our political and fiscal resources to support a midtown stadium. Explain how this plan will help the city’s economy. Explain how different groups – politicians, developers, residents, small- business owners – will benefit from this plan. Explain what sacrifices must be made to develop the city as an entertainment venue and who will have to make them. Creating the city as an entertainment venue will benefit the politicians, developers, residents, small-business owners because more people will be attracted to the city. More people means more capital entering commerce. Creating tourist attractions will raise property values in the real-estate market. Tourism is a way of importing spending and exporting the text burden. Creating entertainment amenities will spark redevelopment in certain shanty areas of the city. Creating entertainment amenities will expand culture as well. Building the Jets stadium will also expand subway service in the area. The extension
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urban 10. 30. 07 - Angela Shamay Economic Development Urban...

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