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english1101 - respectable” according to Orwell In the end...

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Angela Shamay Response to George Orwell’s “Politics and the English language” I agree with George Orwell’s article about the English language. I think he makes a fair point about the stale, vague language that politicians use. We should not use bland and vague metaphors to help us visualize something. If you have to make a statement, you should directly say what you mean. Sometimes politicians use language with words that can be interpreted differently to the reader. They use language with stale and mixed images. Politicians use “language that is designed to make lies sound truthful ad murder
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Unformatted text preview: respectable”, according to Orwell. In the end, Orwell states six rules of using language and I agree with these rules. He basically supports conciseness in language. He supports writing with clarity. Rather than using foreign or scientific words, he supports using an everyday word. He also supports using the active voice instead of the passive voice. He doesn’t support using metaphors or figures of speech which we are used to seeing in print. I agree with all of these rules. I think it can help language become a tool to express ideas rather than to express trickery or vagueness....
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