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english6101 - Looking at the photograph I realize how...

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Angela Shamay Response to Observing The Ordinary pp 120-137 Carl Sagan’s “Reflections On A Mote Of Dust” reflects upon a photograph of a pale blue dot among obscurity. My initial reaction believed that the dot was a piece of dust. As I kept reading, I realized the dot was earth, and the blackness was outer space. Sagan describes all the joys, sufferings, religions, ideologies, doctrines, and wars that occurred on this dot. “Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and in triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot” (Sagan 124). This is a powerful statement that I never would’ve thought about if I had not read this essay. Sagan continues to describe all the hatred, cruelties, and bloodshed that occurred on this dot. He finally states that humanity should deal more kindly and compassionately with each other and to preserve and cherish our mother earth, because it is the only home that we’ve got.
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Unformatted text preview: Looking at the photograph, I realize how foolish and hateful humanity has been on this “mote of dust”. K.C. Cole’s “A Matter Of Scale” discusses subjects that wouldn’t normally cross my mind. She discusses atoms, water molecules, giants, flies, mice, elephants, gravity, microorganisms, skin cells, simple bacteria, and earth itself. Looking closely at the world in a scientific manner, we can discover some of the observations K.C. Cole makes. “An even more powerful microscope would reveal all the creatures that live on your face, dangling from tiny hairs hiding out in your eyelashes. Not to mention the billions that share your bed and dish towels” (Cole, 131). This fact, and many of her other facts, surprised me. I assume that her assertions are true, since she is a physicist, but it’s hard to believe. We never pay attention to the molecules that make up the matter of life....
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