english8101 - Ironically it’s at these times they feel...

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Angela Shamay Response to Observing the Ordinary: pages 239-291 “The First Thanksgiving” by Sarah Vowel is about a family that reunites on Thankgsiving. The narrator’s family came to New York to visit her, coming from Montana. The narrator is not elated that her family is visiting her, and she cannot wait until they leave. Her father jokingly says, “Boy, kid, bet you can’t wait until we’re out of here” (McQuade, 257). She finds this charming, but nevertheless true. Her family is made up of people that prefer to keep to themselves. They rather be separated for most of the time being and rather be brought together solely by the holidays. As strange as her family sounds, they feel close to each other. The thing that unites them is that all four of them are “homebody claustrophobes” who prefer to be alone and remain suspicious of others. The trait that binds them together is their preference to keep to themselves, thus making it difficult to be together as a family.
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Unformatted text preview: Ironically, it’s at these times they feel closest to one another and understand each other best. “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan is a short story about a Chinese family during Christmas. Amy has a crush on the minister’s son, who is a white boy. The minister’s family was to come over for Christmas dinner. All throughout the preparation for the meal, Amy feels nervous about the night’s menu. The minister probably wanted roasted turkey and sweet potatoes, not this strange Chinese food. In the end of the night, Amy feels ashamed of her heritage and wishes they could be more “Americanized”. But Amy’s mother tries to explain that Amy must always be proud of who she is. No matter how American you are on the outside, always be proud to be different and your only shame is to be ashamed. The moral speaks on behalf of everyone who is embarrassed of his or her culture. You should not fear to be different, because that is what makes you you....
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english8101 - Ironically it’s at these times they feel...

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