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Angela Shamay A Response to Chapter 4: Projecting Gender pp. 353-377 Marjane Satrapi’s “The Veil” is a comic strip, which portrays the childhood of an Iranian girl growing up during the Islamic Revolution. She describes how the government closed down the bilingual schools and the new obligation to wear the veil. Some women were against wearing the veil, fighting for freedom of choice. Among the protestors, her mother was photographed and featured in all of the Iranian newspapers. Her mom dyed her hair to hide her identity, probably scared that the government would chastise her. She uses a humorous tone in her writing, mentioning how she dreamt of becoming a prophet. Throughout the comic strip, she learns where she stands culturally and religiously. Jane Slaughter’s “A Beaut of a Shiner” is a witty short story about a woman’s black eye. A woman’s black eye can gear a lot of attention, especially among coworkers and
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Unformatted text preview: friends. Many of her friends were embarrassed to ask about her black eye, assuming it was a result of domestic violence. She actually got the black eye from walking into a street sign, but many of her friends didn’t believe the story. She’s disappointed she didn’t get the affidavits of the witnesses who saw her, because people often make assumptions. Nevertheless, she is still defensive about it, and quite willing to show you the bent street sign if you don’t believe her. Slaughter writes, “His first thought as I bounced off the street sign, was, ‘Now the rumors are going to fly.’ Just as my first words were, ‘Now your reputation is shot’” (Slaughter, 367). This story is charming and humorous and accurately describes the assumptions that people make towards a woman’s black eye....
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