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Angela Shamay A Response to Chapter 5: Examining Difference pp. 407-436 Nikki S. Lee’s: Projects (2001) is a photo journal of Hispanics, punks, seniors, whites, etc. Lee not only controls the shots, but also participates in each image. She drastically changes her hair, makeup, clothing, body language, and even weight to “fit in.” Her work is more than photography; it is a piece of performance art. At first, I didn’t realize it was the same woman in all five of the photographs. It was oddly surprising that the old Chinese lady photographed was the same lady in the other image, wearing a bikini. Lee’s work is original and unique. Pacita Abad’s painting, How Mali Lost Her Accent is an image of the immigrant experience. It features a dark-skinned girl among various Ivy League schools. Pacita Abad’s painting questions the immigrant dream of assimilation into American culture
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Unformatted text preview: through an Ivy League education. This painting reflects the conflict that immigrants face between maintaining their identity and fitting in. I think in America, it is particularly hard for immigrants to assimilate, without losing their cultural values and tradition. Mario Testino’s photographs: Doubles and Shalom and Linda features two very different images. In the first image, there are two heavy Hispanic men, laughing on the beach. In the second image, there are two female supermodels laughing. I find these two images contrary and ironic. You would probably find the second image featured in a fashion magazine, but you would never find the first image in a magazine. This is because our culture/media is artificial. Our media is obsessed with featuring beautiful people. Mari Testino’s photographs examine the difference between certain ethnicities....
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