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urrbann, dont forget disc board

urrbann, dont forget disc board - Angela Shamay Segregation...

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Angela Shamay Segregation URST101: Urban Poverty and Affluence Jeff Maskovsky Homework Assignment #6 Due: October 17, 2007 1. According to Squires, what is the difference between institutional and individual forms of racism. Why does Squires think that institutional racism is more detrimental than individual racism? According to Squires, institutional racism is when loan officers, insurance agents, real estate agents, banks, security firms, housing service industries, and other financial businesses neglect giving assistance or aid to minority groups of low-income status. Individual racism is when racism is geared towards the individual minor by only one firm. Institutional racism is based on a far-greater scale and consists of many institutions that are participating in discriminatory practices. Institutional racism is more detrimental than individual racism because it affects many minorities and people with low incomes. Far too many institutions are engaging in discrimination towards blacks and Hispanics. The loan officers sometimes refuse to give the minorities loans, just because of their race and their financial status. When loan officers refuse to give a loan, minorities can’t get the house. “No insurance, no loan; no loan, no house” (Squires). The real estate agents are refusing to sell houses to minority groups because when blacks/Hispanics enter white suburban neighborhoods, property values goes down. 2. According to Denton and Massey, the geographical segregation of blacks from whites does NOT result from differences in socioeconomic status or the desire for self- segregation among blacks. What data do Denton and Massey use to refute these two arguments?
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