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Psych 238 Syllabus - Psychology 238 Section 001 Fall 2007...

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Psychology 238, Section 001 - Fall 2007 INTRODUCTION TO PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY 160 Willard Bldg. Instructor: Aaron M. Rosenbaum, M.S. Office: 208 Moore Bldg. Phone: TBA Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday 9:30-11:30am, Wednesday 2-3pm OR by appointment Teaching Assistant: Rob Chesnick Office: 427 Beam Bldg. Email: [email protected] Mail Box: 115C Moore Bldg. Office Hours: Tuesday 12:30-2:30pm Required Text: David C. Funder (2007 ) The Personality Puzzle 4 th Edition. New York: Norton. **Two copies of the text will be placed on closed reserve at the library, and any additional required readings will be posted throughout the semester on Angel. ANGEL information: All grades and any messages from the instructor or TA will be posted on Angel ( ). Course Description: Our personalities shape our lives. Our personalities influence our thoughts, emotions, and our behaviors. Therefore, our personalities not only dictate how we view ourselves and others, but because it impacts behavior, it can impact the way others see and interact with us. This course will introduce you to different ways of defining, measuring, and understanding personality. I intend to provide you with an overview of the different personality theories and emphasize the strengths of each theory so that you will have a better understanding of why people (and YOU) think, feel, and behave in different ways in different situations. Hopefully, you will be able to use the information that you gather from this course to develop an integrated understanding of personality. Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are as follows: 1) Introduce you to the different theories of personality. 2) Explore the different elements that are believed to shape personality. 3) Provide you with an overview of the methods that are used to measure personality. My ultimate objective is to help you better understand yourself and others. In order for you to gain this understanding, it is important that you feel comfortable asking questions. I encourage you to bring questions to class so that we can all think about and contribute to the answer. If you don’t feel comfortable asking in class, please talk to me after class or send me an email. Page 1 of 5
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Expectations: From the start, I would like to set a few ground rules. First and foremost, I expect that you will be respectful of other students, the instructor, and guest speakers. This includes attending class, not reading the newspaper, and not using your cell phones/iPods during class time. Secondly, I expect that you will come and see me at any point in the semester if you are having problems with the course material . I cannot stress enough the importance of seeking help earlier rather than later because, during the last week of the semester, there is often little I can do to help you out if you are unhappy with your performance in
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Psych 238 Syllabus - Psychology 238 Section 001 Fall 2007...

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