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BBH203/PSY260 NEUROLOGICAL BASES OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR Chapter 10: Sexual Behavior Outline of Major Terms and Considerations 1. The Genetics of Sex a. Turner’s Syndrome b. Klinefelter’s Syndrome 2. Stages of Prenatal Development a. Development of Gonads b. Development of Internal Organs c. Development of External Organs 3. Development of the Gonads a. Primordial Gonads b. SRY and TDF 4. Differentiation of Internal Organs a. Wolffian System b. Mullerian Sytem c. Anti-Mullerian Hormone 5. Androgen-Insensitivity Syndrome a. Mechanism b.
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Unformatted text preview: Internal and External Development c. Gender Identity 6. Development of External Genitalia a. Mechanism b. 5-alpha dihydrotestosterone 7. 5-Alpha Reductase Deficiency a. Mechanism b. Internal and External Development 8. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia a. Mechanism 9. Development at Puberty a. GnRH b. FSH c. LH 10. Masculinization of the Nervous System 11. Sexually Dimorphic Structures a. SDN-POA b. INAH-3 c. Anterior Commissure 12. Hormones and Sexual Orientation...
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