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Throughout the semester, we have covered many topics related to personality. If you choose to pursue a career as a psychologist, you may be doing formal personality assessments as part of your job. If you don’t choose to go into psychology as a career, you may be frequently making personality judgments about others (and others about you) in many different settings. As we have discussed in lecture, a personality philosophy can color one’s view of human motivation, the importance of particular influences, and the ability of people to change. Additionally, sound and accurate judgments depend on a variety of observations from different sources. This paper will address elements of each of these issues: personality philosophy, BLIS data, and environmental influences on personality. Thus, the paper will consist of three parts: 1) Place yourself in the role of a psychologist who is evaluating your personality. As a psychologist, you want to collect as much data as possible from a variety of sources. Being the astute scientist that you are, you, the psychologist, use the BLIS method of data collection to determine whether you, the client, possess a particular trait. (30 points total) a. Choose one of the BIG FIVE personality traits (see pgs. 201-208). This is the trait that you , the psychologist, will be looking to identify in you , the client. Define the trait and provide what characteristics a person with this trait might display. b.
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Personality_Paper_Description--FA_07 - Personality &...

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