PSY260_CHP9 - a Diabetes Mellitus b Osmoreceptors 12 The...

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BBH203/PSY260 NEUROLOGICAL BASES OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR Chapter 9: Motivation and Regulation Outline of Major Terms and Considerations 1. Homeostasis a. Walter Cannon b. Equilibrium c. Set Point 2. Motivation a. Deviations b. Drive State 3. Regulating Body Temperature a. Poikilotherms b. Homeotherms c. Body Temperature to Surface Volume Ratio 4. Behavioral Responses to Temperature a. Endothermic Response to Cold b. Endothermic Response to Heat 5. Temperature Regulation a. Homeotherms: Why such a high temperature? b. Homeotherms: Why not higher? c. Fevers 6. Disturbances in Human Core Temperature a. Hot Flashes b. Hyperthermia c. Hypothermia 7. Hypothalamic Regions a. POA b. Posterior Hypothalamus c. Sensitive to Internal Temperature 8. Thirst a. Extracellular Fluid b. Intracellular Fluid c. Isotonic 9. Osmosis a. Hypotonic Solution b. Hypertonic Solution 10. Sensation of Thirst a. Claude Bernard b. Walter Cannon (Dry Mouth Theory) 11. Mechanisms of Osmotic Thirst
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Unformatted text preview: a. Diabetes Mellitus b. Osmoreceptors 12. The OVLT and Osmoreception 13. Mechanisms of Hypovolemic Thirst a. Heart, Kideys, and Baroreceptors 14. Hormones Help Conserve Fluids a. Pituitary Gland b. ADH c. Renin d. Angiotensin II e. Aldosterone f. Kidneys 15. Initiation of Drinking a. SFO b. Nucleus of the Solitary Tract c. Median Preoptic Nuclues d. Zone Incerta of Midbrain 16. Cessation of Drinking 17. Digestion 18. Absorption of Nutrients 19. Pancreatic Hormones Regulate Glucose a. Diabetes Mellitus Type I b. Diabetes Mellitus Type II 20. Brain Structures Involved with Hunger a. PVN b. LH c. VMH d. Glucoreceptors 21. Lateral Hypothalamus 22. Hunger Regulation a. NPY 23. Assessing Satiety a. CCK 24. Brain Mechanisms and Satiety a. Ventromedial Hypothalamus...
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PSY260_CHP9 - a Diabetes Mellitus b Osmoreceptors 12 The...

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