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topic02a_handouts - Psychology 253 Sensation and Perception...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology 253: Sensation and Perception Fall 2007 Dr. M. J. Wenger Topic 02: Measurement in Sensory Science Part 1 Critical Questions A Quick Reminder Electromagnetic Spectrum Radiometry and Photometry P = w R, 0 w 1 1 0 Light: Three Possibilities Light at the source Reflected light Absorbed light Refracted light Size of the image: basics y d x Size of the image: geometry Size of the image: calculations b tan (1 ) = d -1 b 1 = tan d -1 b = 2 tan d A Simple Example v=3.0 h = 2.5 Half dimensions: h = 1.25, v = 1.50 70.0 Measuring Psychological States: Three Challenges Fundamental Concept: Threshold Psychometric Function: Detection Psychometric Function: Discrimination Percentage Judged "Brighter" Intensity of stimulus 1 Intensity of stimulus 2 Putting it Together: Scaling Expected Form of the Relationship Another Clue: E. H. Weber Fechner's Law Fechner's Law: Example Fechner's Three Methods ...
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