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Andrew Gutierez GEO 101 1/18/08 Where Does My Breakfast Come From? Whenever I’m at home making myself some breakfast I sometimes wonder where these products come from. As I sip out of my coffee cup, I think to myself, “where does coffee come from? Where do the beans come from?” It seems that with every process is an extension to something else. To start, where I live, in the San Francisco Bay Area, I go to get Peet’s Coffee. The coffee comes from a bean that comes from Ethiopia, Asia, or Africa. The bean is usually grown in areas of high elevations and near volcano’s where the soil is best and most fertile. The mug I drink the coffee out of, always says “Made In China”, and these mugs are then shipped by air or ship throughout the United States, to our local stores. I also drink skim milk, where milk comes from cows, and cows come from California. More specifically, the milk comes from the cows utters, and they get the milk from eating grass and other nutrients. The milk is then pasteurized and packaged, then
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