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Jordan Townsend INT20 4/7/08 Journal Entry #1 The reason I decided to continue my education after high school is a combination of a variety of different factors that influenced my decision. In the early years of my life my parents consistently engraved the importance of college as a way to succeed in life in the “real world.” This way of thinking as staid with me ever since I was young, however this was not the only reason I decided to come to college. As matured and got closer to finishing high school I did research of my own of the advantages and disadvantages of college in which I made a my own decision to attend college so that I could increase my knowledge for a good job. Besides education for a job it is also an essential life maturing experience that everyone should endure. Before I arrived to UCSB, I thought the college experience was going to be much
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Unformatted text preview: more difficult than it is. I also thought it was going to be very difficult for me to make friends because UCSB is such a big campus. What I soon realized college was actually the opposite of my initial thoughts. I found it much more easier to make friends because I am very out going which helps in big lectures. Also, the classes were not as hard as I expected. I am doing very well academically because I am taking advantage of all the opportunities, such as CLAS to help me pass my classes. During high school I toured all of the campuses that I was interested in attending and when I visited UC Santa Barbara I immediately fell in love with it and it was my first choice if I was accepted. My favorite parts were the Isla Vista college community, the beach, and the great academic community....
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