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Jordan Townsend TA: Int20 Journal #2 During this week at school I was forced to choose between two different roads that would greatly effect my future immediately and further down the line. Due to poor grades during Winter quarter I was placed on academic probation for the 2008 Spring quarter. Even though subconsciously I knew that I was not doing my best and putting in the necessary time to achieve good grades during the quarter it caught me off guard when I was informed of the probation decision. Since then I have reevaluating my goals in college and how I should set my priorities. I came to the conclusion that if I did not start to produce good results during Spring quarter then I would find myself back at home and attending a junior college. During the first few weeks of Spring quarter I have completely
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Unformatted text preview: revamped my study habits, attended 100% of lectures and sections, and staying up to date on my weekly assignments. Although this has created a very stressful environment for myself it has changed, and will continue to do so, me for the better and I feel as if I have run into a minor setback that has shown me exactly where I’m heading with my poor grades. Although there are many other important aspects of college, grades should be kept as my top priority. I have been trying to “compartmentalize” my time so that I can actively engage in my social life and still excel academically. I believe that once I am able to master this then I will be able to produce much better results at the end of this quarter. I now actively manage my time between the two and so far it has proved successful....
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