ProblemSet#1 - Jordan Townsend Tuesday 6-6:50 Anthropology...

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Jordan Townsend Tuesday 6-6:50 Anthropology 005 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set # 1: Adaptation and Natural Selection 1. Evolution by natural selection is the best available explanation for the well-adapted condition of most organisms. A. What do we mean by well-adapted? Well-adapted means having traits that increase survival success. B. Give two examples of adaptations, one from humans and one from some other species. Humans have adapted to environmental conditions such as Eskimos, who possess a small layer of fat to help them keep warm in cold conditions. Giraffes have adapted to the food they eat, by stretching their necks, thus giraffes have long necks. C. What is the ultimate function of all adaptations? Survival D. What are the prerequisites for the operation of natural selection and why is each necessary? 1. The ability of a population to expand is infinite, but the ability of any environment to support populations is always finite. This is necessary to realize that resources within an environment are not plentiful, which results in “the struggle for existence.” 2. Organisms within populations vary, and this variation affects the ability of individuals to survive and reproduce. This is necessary to understand that some individuals will possess traits that enable them to survive and reproduce more successfully than others. 3. This variation is transmitted from parents to offspring. This is necessary because successful traits will be passed on to offspring, and unsuccessful traits will die out. Therefore,
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ProblemSet#1 - Jordan Townsend Tuesday 6-6:50 Anthropology...

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