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An Overview Of Hypnotic Regression Gerald F. Kein ©1991 Due to it’s simplicity, for many years the tremendous potential for the use of hypnosis has been overlooked by many. Psychology teaches to look for deeply hidden, complicated, multi-faceted reasons for each disturbing discomfort of the psyche. Most of the time it’s not that complicated! Because of all the publicity given to psychology resulting in indoctrination during recent decades, we find it difficult to set aside the often futile attempts at successful conscious level solutions. Working with the conscious rationale to effect change of an emotional conflict between the past stored in the subconscious and what the conscious mind tells us we should feel, frequently becomes an exercise in futility and frustration. As long as we are using conscious level rationale in an attempt to solve the problem, we are deliberately keeping the conscious mind in control, in a position of critical, analytical thought. Therefore, we are kept from having any good access to the source of the problem in the subconscious. Remember the mental law, "The more the conscious activity, the less will be the subconscious response." Freud said, "There is no effect without cause and the cause is usually deeply hidden from the conscious mind. Amnesia lies at the base of all neurotic symptoms. Our goal is to reveal the forgotten memories through yet to be learned methods ." Freud knew that without the ability to discover the events causing a persons problem, a cure for that individual was beyond his abilities. He also believed that one day there would be a technique discovered enabling a therapist to discover the true cause of the individuals problem. Hypnotic regression is the finest and fastest method available to find the true source of a clients problem. Regression is the most effective tool in the hypnotherapists toolbox. It is extremely safe and beneficial. Many hypnotists never use regression in their
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Gerald Kein - An Overview Of Hypnotic Regression - Page 1...

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