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Prelim 2 Study Guide

Prelim 2 Study Guide - Dev Soc 101 Core Concepts Prelim 2...

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Dev Soc 101 Core Concepts Prelim 2, Fall, 2007 How social position affects health : although the causal pathways are not fully understood, there is a strong dependency between the individual's position in the status hierarchy (e.g., the social class hierarchy) and health/life expectancy. Jean-Pierre Roy identifies these paths in terms of social responses such as shame and fear triggering hormonal and neurological physiological systems that can degrade resistance to disease and premature death. The double-diamond class structure is Perrucci & Wysong’s graphic metaphor for the new class structure in American society where the there is no middle class and relations between the “super class” of owners and the “new working class” are conflictual. Classes are defined in terms of quantity of four types of “generative capital”: consumption, investment, skill, and social capital. Gender : social categories associated with sexual dimorphism.
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