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Chemistry 108 A Midterm 1 2006

Chemistry 108 A Midterm 1 2006 - fln*^{1 C F Bernasconi...

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C. F. Bernasconi A ), fln,*^, {1 Chemistry l08A Winter 2006 First Midterm Exam - Februarv 2.2006 This examconsists of nine (9) questions for atotal of 100 points. Try to answor all questions. Write your answers in a Blue Book. Put your nameand your TA's name on the front page of the Blue Book. 1. (12 points) Give ItiPAC names to the following compounds: (a) H \/ C:C ./\ CHi H CHCH"CH, l"r CH: cH2cH3 I (b) CH3CH2C:CHz t- "&/- /- lo&n" CH: (d) (c) 2. 0 CI D I c!1*cHz-C= cllcH3 7- +-w1#'u4- 7-t Y<n< cHl lro, s - /, g -,{ nufr-uf q rh pu, 1^r.'n' fuohh<*n< (12 points) Draw as many resonance structures as possible for the following species; use curved alrows to show how the different resonance structures can be converted into one another. Au EV? (a) | l-H \-{ -H CH: i, i, t{* /r;nt(d,r/- Po \ll {_ (b) CH3CH|-C_CHCH3 /f' J,
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d J, (c) /H C+ H o') ll- c -.(] o (d) €-'ocHr \\r / o I *#C"--D \./ v o2 -o '/ D- i c-o- 44cHz \\ + -,.? t/ a J. 0 ?LVY \\ t\.2 f (8 points) Consider the following acid-base equilibrium: ,,O CI2CHC + CH3C '\ OH o /7" o Kto -L cl^CHC' + .\ o ,P cH3c\ OH ,2 Itl' I t-/ The approximate pKu of dichloroacetic acidis 1.7, the approximate pKu of acetic acid is 4.7.
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