PSIO 420 exam 2 key

PSIO 420 exam 2 key - PSIO 420/520 practice problem set#2...

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PSIO 420/520 practice problem set #2: Endocrinology and metabolism 1. Answer the following questions based on your understanding of fatty acid metabolism. a. Name the enzyme that clears circulating fats from chylomicrons. Lipoprotein Lipase b. Name the enzyme that catalyzes lipolysis of stored triglyceride. Hormone Sensitive Lipase c. What hormones activate the enzyme listed in part b in adipose tissue? List of hormones: Epinephrine/Norepinephrine, Glucagon, Cortisol, Growth Hormone d. What carrier shuttles “activated” fatty acyl CoA into the mitochondrial matrix? Carnitine e. What muscle fiber type is best suited for fatty acid metabolism? Circle one. FG FOG SO f. At the same fatty acid concentration, an endurance trained person would have a HIGHER (higher or lower) rate of ATP synthesis via fat metabolism. 2. Calculate the ATP yield for the complete oxidation of a 20-carbon fatty acid chain. Show your work! 20-carbon fatty acid chain = 9 rounds of beta-oxidation Beta oxidation total Acetyl CoA total = 10 Acetyl CoA NADH+H + total = 9 NADH+H + FADH 2 total = 9 FADH 2 10 Acetyl CoA x 12 ATP/Acetyl CoA in Kreb’s cycle = 120 ATP 9 NADH+H + x 3 ATP/NADH+H + in ETC = 27 ATP 9 FADH 2 x 2 ATP/FADH 2 in ETC = 18 ATP 165 ATP - 2 ATP (activation of the fatty acid)
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PSIO 420 exam 2 key - PSIO 420/520 practice problem set#2...

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