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MP3 Tutor Topic: Basic Energy Concepts Estimated time: 9 minutes Vocabulary: chemical energy, energy, kinetic energy, potential energy Hey there, this is Eric Simon and welcome to another MP3 Tutor session. Today’s topic is energy. Our society’s economic well-being is dependent upon reliable and affordable supplies of energy. Relatively small disruptions in energy supplies can have profound effects on productivity. Likewise, energy is vital to life itself. The trillions of factories that make up your cells are all powered by a constant supply of energy. You could say that obtaining, processing, and consuming energy is job one for the cell. For this reason, a basic understanding of energy concepts is essential to understanding how life works. In this MP3, I will: 1. define energy, 2. describe some basic energy properties, and 3. discuss chemical energy—the form of energy that powers life. We all “know” what energy is—or do we? We all have a feel for what energy is, but try to come up with a good definition for it. It’s pretty difficult, isn’t it? Don’t be too concerned if you can’t define energy. Energy is so basic, so much a part of our everyday experience that it is difficult to describe. It’s hard to even imagine a world without energy. As a starting point, let’s use the following definition: Energy is the capacity to do work. This is a simple but profound definition. Let’s describe some properties of energy that are important for understanding how energy drives the work of living systems. Energy can be in one of two forms. First, energy can be at work. This is called kinetic energy . Second, energy can be in storage. This is called potential energy . For example, your MP3 player is being powered by some fuel source, such as a battery. Energy leaves the battery and is used by the MP3 player to generate the sounds that you hear. This is an
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basic_energy_concepts - MP3 Tutor Topic Basic Energy...

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