cem152-ss08-key-exam1A - CEM 152 SSOS Exam 1A — Name PID...

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Unformatted text preview: CEM 152 SSOS Exam 1A — Jan 30, 2008 Name: PID: BLUE EXPm/x Answer each question in the space provided. Clearly mark your final answer. Show all work for full credit. 1. (12 pts) A 4.0 L container holds equal molar amounts of Ne, Ar, and Xe noble gases with at total pressure of 3.2 atm at 25.3 °C. What is the partial pressure of Xe in the mixture? pye ‘: XX! P-roT Ila-AM \Xye’T-ig lefival MOIW names/.411 0‘; 2. (10 pts) In lecture, the equilibrium vapor pressure of acetone at 25 0C was measured using a manometer. Acetone has AHvap = 31.3 kJ/mol. If the same demonstration were repeated with ethanol (AHvap = 38.6 kJ/mol), would the manometer reading be greater than, less than, or equal to that of acetone? Briefly justify your answer. Wvaowl-e/v will be 1658 flaxdcfi'J-Ofl? l/ngo/ ALL/4,; VIA—(puns Ska/gr .v‘J-frvvvJEamlow Pavczf‘ 9:) 4w 3m kWLM’ Iefc M120..ng H; m gov: pra—(fih mug \AR will be lower 3. (12 pts) Which of the following statements, regarding the properties of gases, are true? a. The pressure exerted by a gas is due to collision of the gas molecules with T the walls of the container. F: b. Vapors of ethanol do not mix with water vapor. ,1; c. The temperature of a gas is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the constituent molecules. 1— d. The molecules of a gas have random, chaotic motion. Name: __ CEM 152 ssos PID: 15 Wt 57AM Exam 1A — Jan 30,2008 4. (12 pts) Calculate the density of MgO (in g/cms), which has a primitive cubic structure with an Mg — 0 bond distance of 4.21 angstroms. 1"? (a bra, MV .a 1 43 9“? 4M3” I) = “.293. MuSS: .___x “Wm/M "“ 4,0 Va lw-L. “A / LL‘i-U iwe + “M 91M) ‘ (0.: W1“ W1; “‘01, toL3 m 2 XII)»:2 /\)y\fi' (EH ‘13 3 Vow ; 6.11 $10". ~Um) 3 = “Llwx‘o' em uv‘l" cl“ 4? 4 1.4.114) , EillLEL———1;——— a oyua i/mf ‘1‘qbf\a”2‘] CW‘ {URL “U R———— l); 5. (10 pts) Calculate the density of N02 (in g/L) gas at 1.5 atm and T = 350 K assuming ideal behavior. FWnRr M aw D PM (\“I’M*?25’W'°> (“W”) J c. A = M KT (ac:st (39132.) Ms; L 6. (12 pts) Determine whether each statement below, pertaining to intermolecular interactions, is true or false. F a. Hydrogen bonding occurs for any molecule that contains a hydrogen atom. F: b. The attractive force between molecular oxygen and Ar atoms in the gas phase can be characterized as a dipole-induced dipole interaction. T c. Liquid CO has a higher boiling point than liquid N2 due to the dipole- dipole interactions between CO molecules. F: d. Polarizability is the ability for a molecule to acquire a permanent electric dipole moment. Name: PID: (5W? BM“ CEM 152 SSOS Exam 1A — Jan 30, 2008 7. (10 pts) The vapor pressure curve for liquid hexane is provided below. What is the normal boiling point of this substance. 4000 - -- Liquid hexane 3500 Illlll IUIIII 3000 E IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIflIIIII EMIIIIIIIIIII IIIII’IIIIII imnlllllllllll I E. 1500 > IIIIIIIIIII mulllllllllll 500 300 00 250 350 Temperdure (K) 400 450 T(boiling) = 3401 8. (12 pts) The phase diagram for helium at low temperatures given to the right. Determine whether each of the following statements about the diagram is true or d. Helium is in a solid phase at atmospheric pressure (P=0.l MPa) and absolute zero temperature (T=0 K). ‘ false. 6 T a. Point D is a critical point. 5 T b. Point A is a triple point. p F c. BCC helium is more dense than 4 HCP helium. '2 Pressure {MPa) 0: 1 2 a 4 5 6 Temperature(K) 9. (10 pts) An unknown gas effuses at a rate that is 2 times faster than Xe at the same temperature. What is the molecular weight of the unknown gas? & _ GE. “7* “We Rye, W _ rsqu 31M 1R e \l‘usnl‘aglm M1 = H \— ...
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This note was uploaded on 05/12/2008 for the course CEM 152 taught by Professor Mantica during the Spring '08 term at Michigan State University.

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cem152-ss08-key-exam1A - CEM 152 SSOS Exam 1A — Name PID...

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