L_med_RC_og_opamps - − V2/R1 =(R2·Z4(R1·R3·R5]·VL ZL...

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LDN / feb. 06 Induktans realiseret med RC og operationsforstaerkere
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Negativ tilbagekobling giver to gange "virtuel-jord" VL = V1 = V3 = V5 I4 = I5 = V5/R5 = VL/R5 V4 = V5 + Z4·I4 = VL + (Z4/R5)·VL I2 = I3 = (V3 V4)/R3 = [Z4/(R3·R5)]·VL V2 = V3 + R2·I2 = VL [(R2·Z4)/(R3·R5)]·VL IL = I1 = (V1 V2)/R1 = (VL
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Unformatted text preview: − V2)/R1 = [(R2·Z4)/(R1·R3·R5)]·VL ZL = VL/IL = R1·R3·R5/(R2·Z4) = j ω ·C4·R1·R3·R5/R2 => ZL = j ω ·L med L = C4·R1·R3·R5/R2 BemArkninger: Induktansen fungerer kun med den ene terminal jordforbundet! IL, der løber ind ved plusklemmen, er ikke lig med I5 i den modsatte ende....
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This note was uploaded on 05/14/2008 for the course HIST 101 taught by Professor Wormer during the Spring '08 term at Academy of Art University.

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L_med_RC_og_opamps - − V2/R1 =(R2·Z4(R1·R3·R5]·VL ZL...

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