Chapter_11 - Chapter 11 1 Who were the three proposed ways...

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1. Who were the three proposed ways that DNA replicates? a. Conservative b. Semiconservative c. Dispersive 2. Which one prevailed? a. Semiconservative one 3. Who proved this? a. Meselson – Stahl Experiment 4. What were the bases for their experiment? a. After each generation the N12-N14 ration decreases (sedimentation equilibrium sedimentation) b. Look on page 266 5. Who and how did they figure this out for eukaryotes? a. Taylor, Woods, and Hughes by autoradiography which pin points the radioisotope in a cell. b. They used bean Vicia faba and they labeled it with H3 thymidine 6. What is a replication fork? a. Point along the chromosome where the helix are unwound for replication 7. How about a replicon? a. Length of DNA that is replicated following one initiation event at a single origin. 8. What are requirement for DNA synthesis in vitro? a. Four deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate (dNTPs) b. Template DNA 9. What is a replicative form? a. When the template (+ strand) and the copy (- strand) are still together as a duplex 10. What made them to believe that there are more than 3 polymerases? a. When they found the mutant Ecoli that has a mutant polymerase (polA1), and the ecoli still was able to replicate its DNA. 11. How many polymerases are there? a. 3 and all elongate the primer and have a 3 to 5 exonuclease activity. (table on 270) 12. What are the roles of pol III? a. 5 to 3 polymerization b. 3 to 5 exonucleases c. Proofreads and when it finds an errors and polymerization stalls and it does exonuclease back in the 3-5 and fix the error. 13. Pol I? a. Removes the primer b. Fills the gaps that are produced c. Can due DNA repair due to its exonuclease activity. 14.
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Chapter_11 - Chapter 11 1 Who were the three proposed ways...

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