Chapter_6 - Genetic Analysis and Mapping In Bacteria and...

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Genetic Analysis and Mapping In Bacteria and Bacteriophages Chapter 6 1. What are bacteriophages? a. Viruses also known as phages that use bacteria as their host. 2. What does the adaptation hypothesis explain? a. This is an explanation to when we have a plate of Ecoli that have T1 phages introduced, most of them lyse except may be one or two. b. Those that don’t lyse is due to a mutation called spontaneous mutation. 3. What is a prototroph vs auxotroph? a. Prototroph is when they can make the carbons that they want b. Auxotrophs can’t 4. What is the growth pattern of a bacteria? a. Lag phase b. Log phase c. Stationary phase d. And finally death. 5. What is conjugation? a. Process by which genetic information from one bacterium is transferred to and then recombine with that of another bacterium. 6. What is genetic recombination in bacteria? a. It is like meiotic crossing over in eukaryotes but in bacteria 7. What two other ways does the transfer of genetic information take place? a. Transformation b. Transduction 8. Differentiate between F+ and F- cells. a. F+ cells are the donor cells b. F- are the recipients 9. What is special about the F+ cells that they are able to transfer genetic information? a. They contain fertility factors or F factors which we now know as plasmid 10. How does conjugation occur? a. Through a conjugation tube called F pillus or sex pillus 11. What are HFR or high frequency recombination? a. F+ cells that under go mutation much faster than the original F+ cells. 12. What happens if you cross F+ and F-? a. Recipient becomes F+ 13. What happens if Hfr and F- are crossed? a.
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Chapter_6 - Genetic Analysis and Mapping In Bacteria and...

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