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Exam 1 Key - Exam 1 MIBO 2500 Spring '07 Dr. Walker Name_...

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Exam 1 MIBO 2500 Spring ’07 Dr. Walker Name_______________________ There are 50 questions, each question worth 2 pts, totaling 100 points. Please be sure to double check your answers from this test paper and those on the scantron are the same. Hand in the scantron and take home the test paper. 1. Anthony van Leeuenhoek was the first to invent microscopes. a. True b. False 2. What was the purpose of the elongated flask neck in Pasteur’s experiment to disprove spontaneous generation? a. To prevent oxygen from getting to the broth b. To create a humid environment inside the flask c. To keep dust carrying bacteria from reaching the broth d. To make it easier to snap off the neck during the experiment e. There was not purpose, Pasteur thought it looked cool that way 3. What was so “lucky” about Pasteur’s experiment that allowed his cooled broth to remain clear for months after boiling? a. Pasteur’s broth did not contain endospores b. Pasteur boiled his broth instead of steaming it c. Pasteur’s flask was thoroughly cleaned before use d. Pasteur used a “swan-necked” flask e. The air of Pasteur’s laboratory was fairly clean 4. What is the actual source of Escherichia coli O157:H7 that leads to contaminated lakes, rivers or food sources? a. Mud and sediment b. Soil c. Human small intestine d. Chicken manure e. Cow gastrointestinal tract Classify the order of organisms as either a. Prokaryote OR b. Eucaryote 5. Helicobacter pylori which causes stomach ulcers ___ A ____ 6. Saccheromyces cereviseae,, a yeast __ B _____ 7. Pyrolobus fumarii which is found in deep sea thermal vents __ A __ 8. Arrange according to size from SMALLEST Æ LARGEST: a. Prion, helminth, algae, Mycoplamsa, virus b. Virus, algae, Mycoplasma , helminth, prion c. Helminth, algae, Mycoplasma , prion, virus d. Prion, virus, Mycoplasma , algae, helminth e. Virus, prion, algae, Mycoplasma , helminth 9. Which of the following are applications of microbiology? a. Cleaning up environmental pollutants b. Creation of fermented food products like beer and ale c. Creation of vaccinations d. Tracking down and finding the source and transmission of infectious diseases e. All of the above
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10. Which of the following are false? a. Bacteria and archaea contain proteins, RNA and DNA b. Viruses contain proteins, RNA or DNA c. Prokaryotes contain proteins, RNA and DNA d. Prions contain RNA or DNA e. Viroids contain RNA only 11. Which of the following methods could denature the tetanospasmin of C. tetani ? a. Oxygen concentration b. High pH c. Penicillin d. Antibody e. None of the above 12. The boxed portion on the RIGHT of the amino acid figure below is the a. side chain b. amino group c. N-acetylmuramic acid d. Carboxyl group e. Peptide bridge 13. Which of the following macromolecules have their subunits added by dehydration synthesis? a.
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Exam 1 Key - Exam 1 MIBO 2500 Spring '07 Dr. Walker Name_...

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