exam2_sol - !"1* [l*^ s Math 250 Fall 2007 Exam 2...

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!"1* [l*^ s Math 250 Fall 2007 Exam 2 NAME: ID No: SECTION: This exarn contains 10 questions on 10 pages (including this title page). This exam is worth a total of 100 points. The exam is broken into two parts. There are six multiple choice questions, each worth 5 points, and 4 partial credit problems. To receive full credit for a partial credit problern all work must tre shown. When in rloubt. fiil in the details. No notes, books or calculators may be used during the exam. Please, Box Your Final Answer (wiren possible).
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Multiple Choice Section l. (5 points) Suppose the Wronskian of two functions / and g is VV (f ' g) : sin(r). Which of the follwing statements is FALSE? (") and g are li'early inclependent on any open interval. Tc. .e (b) and g are linearly independcnt on the interval (-;,f) -[-C.^e, " rcr/ and g can be solutions to a second order linear hopggengous clif- fcrential equarion on_r he interva] (-;, i) tr",L>e . \+ -t&- ule.r.c /.r\ r"Y,I\il =p.e-\i.*t"* t.\i*,'--'r"-,,* or- S*, o (d) attcl I c'an'br-'soltttiotrs to a second order lincar homogeneous dif- ferential equation on the interval (0, zr). \ t.re- 2. (5 potnts) which of the followirrg is a suitable form for ag[gg!a1- -solution g(t) to the differentizrl equaricin g" + 6:,J' l9'u :2te.-3t * 4e:':tt cos(t) -l5c: :tt sin(f) ? A, B,C,l) below are constants. lf rrr: -3 t -3t tt'= 4 , X.= - Bt/ +"2 (a) Ate-st
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exam2_sol - !"1* [l*^ s Math 250 Fall 2007 Exam 2...

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