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Chemistry 008 Handout #11 Dr. Neal Abrams brought to you by the Spring 2007 Learning Strategies Center NOTE: This review sheet is for Chem 008 attendees and is to be used in conjunction with lecture notes, handouts, problem sets, the textbook, the laboratory manual, and notes from Chem 008. Chapters 19 and 20 Review Guide Lectures 4/17 and 4/19 I. Entropy (S) is related to the partial pressure a. Remember that an increase in volume will increase entropy (the larger volume has more states available for the particles to explore) b. From the ideal gas law, we know that pressure and volume are inversely related. c. Therefore, an increase in pressure has the same effect as a decrease in volume, corresponding to a decrease in entropy. d. This decrease can be quantified using the relationship: S = S ° - R ln(P/P ° ), where P ° is the reference pressure of 1 bar. II. Free Energy (G) and non-standard conditions a. Using the relationship between S and partial pressures, one can derive the following
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