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Handout12_Chapter_20 - Chemistry 008 Dr Neal Abrams brought...

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Chemistry 008 Handout #12 Dr. Neal Abrams brought to you by the Spring 2007 Learning Strategies Center NOTE: This review sheet is for Chem 008 attendees and is to be used in conjunction with lecture notes, handouts, problem sets, the textbook, the laboratory manual, and notes from Chem 008. Chapter 20 Review Guide Lectures 4/24 and 4/26 I. Useful relationships a. 1 Faraday (F) = 96,485 Coulombs per mole of electrons b. 1 Ampere (current) = 1 Coulomb/second c. 1 Joule = 1 Coulomb · 1 Volt II. Notes a. A galvanic cell will be produced the overall cell potential is positive. Remember, one half reaction must be reduction and one half reaction must be oxidation. b. The oxidation potential is just the OPPOSITE of the reduction c. To balance half reactions, electrons must cancel. Even if you multiply through by a coefficient, this does not change cell potential (ex., if everything is multiplied by 2, DO NOT multiply the potential (voltage) by 2. III. Free Energy (G) and cell potential a. G = -nFE cell
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