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Chemistry 008 Handout #9 Dr. Neal Abrams brought to you by the Spring 2007 Learning Strategies Center NOTE: This review sheet is for Chem 008 attendees and is to be used in conjunction with lecture notes, handouts, problem sets, the textbook, the laboratory manual, and notes from Chem 008. Chapter 18 Review Guide Lectures 4/3 and 4/5 I. K sp a. Definition – This is the equilibrium constant for the dissolution reaction of slightly soluble salts. i. AB 2(s) A 2+ (aq) + 2B - (aq) K sp = [A 2+ ][ B - ] 2 b. Remember that pure solids and liquids do not appear in the equilibrium expression. c. The molar solubility refers to the number of moles of the salt that will dissolve in one liter of water. i. Use the stoichiometry to determine which ion corresponds to the molar solubility. ii. For the reaction above, the molar solubility will be equal to [A 2+ ]. II. The Common Ion Effect a. The solubility of a slightly soluble substance decreases in a solution that contains a common ion. b.
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