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MIDTERM EXAM STUDY GUIDE I am often asked how to best prepare for the BM 3130 exams. What combination of textbook, lecture, and Recitation review offers the best approach? The answer largely depends on how well a student wants to do. Top performance generally requires attention to ALL sources. If you have lesser goals for the course, probably the lecture slides combined with Recitation notes should be at least the starting point since: ALL the most important topics are covered A handful of supplemental material or problem solving is available from the Recitation that does not appear in the text Exam problems tend to follow examples used in class Several questions will be based on supplemental articles (that have been reviewed in the Recitation) Another important preparation is to work though the practice problems on your own. They often flow very easily in Connect or when I go through the approach and solution in class. When you start from a blank page, it can be more initimidating, so don’t rely on learning solely by observing, DO them! Students have different degrees of difficulty (or preference) for the multiple choice format. In general, BM 3130 questions will always have one answer that is ALWAYS right and another decoy option that MAY be right- either in some conditions or some of the time. There is a danger in selecting an answer from the first possible solution that seems reasonable. Always look at ALL the answers before selecting; a better one may come later. Also, some students do better by trying to exclude what cannot be a correct answer before selecting one. While this approach may take longer, it generally leaves you in a position of choosing from a smaller number of possibilities- hopefully no greater than two! This improves your odds if it becomes necessary to guess. More importantly, it forces you to consider each answer. If you start the exams on time, my experience is that you will not be challenged for time. While there are always a handful of test takers hanging on until the last second, you should not expect to run out of time for either exam.
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Finally, the most asked question of all (after the fact) can be answered here and now- NO , there will be no scale of results. The exams will offer a higher point value than 100 (without changing the overall grade scale) to pull up results, what I describe as an “earned scale”. Reminders! Some information about the exam content will be provided in the review session (the class prior to the exam) The Midterm includes 44 multiple choice questions worth 3 points each. Scores > 100 will be recognized in Carmen. Scantron sheets will be used; instructions, including a copy of the exam cover page, are included in this document. The coding is important for proper scoring.
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