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Review Sheet for Final – ECON300 – Spring 2008 As was the case for the first and second midterms, the upcoming exam will pose questions on: terminology and notation why economists use math calculations typically applied by economists to solve economic problems We recommend that you prepare for the exam by completing two different types of tasks, described below as A and B. A. Work through the concepts listed below and make sure for each term you can recognize and apply: the definition in words (in some cases what we have called “intuitive meaning”), any corresponding mathematical expression, formula, or graph the relevance to economic analysis Some of the concepts listed are mathematical terms which can be applied to economics, and some are economic terms that have a mathematical formulation; either way, you should understand the linkage between math and economics demonstrated by each concept. Some examples of these types of questions are provided to help you anticipate the way a concept leads to a question. More generally, you might find it useful to take each concept on the list and think of one or two possible exam questions similar to the examples but relevant to that particular concept. B. You should review all of the problem sets, the midterm exams, and the exercises presented in lecture and
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This note was uploaded on 05/18/2008 for the course ECON 300 taught by Professor Cramton during the Spring '08 term at Maryland.

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final-review-sheet - Review Sheet for Final ECON300 Spring...

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