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Anthro Lecture 1

Anthro Lecture 1 - court they won the case and were allowed...

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The New Biology : The ability to modify and control human abilities and potentials by the manipulation of bodies, genes, and minds. - the control of death and life - the control of human potentiality - the control of human achievement - modern medicine marketed at our want to control everything, no more headaches, no more pain, no more death - whole body dead is dead. then theres cases like karen quinlan where they are in a persistant vegatative state. - they are brain dead where all bodily functions are controlled by machines and the brain no longer works, or upper brain dead where the part of the brain that controls thinking and consciousness is dead. - when karens parents wanted to pull the plug, by law they could not and went to
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Unformatted text preview: court. they won the case and were allowed to take her off life support- terry shiavo collapsed in her home in 1990, she also became brain dead- terry shiavo was eventually allowed to die in 2005, she was 41- 2/3 of all medical money is spent on people in the last days of their lives- notdeadyet.org is a website where people are opposing right to die laws, things like doctor assisted suicide- through demand and shortage of organs there has sprung up an illegal organ trade- women in pakistan sell their kidneys for 800-1500 and are sold in places like germany for 60-70 thousand dollars...
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