Exam 2 Key - no*. \^o'* S|,J.-r- LABsEcrroN (1-20) Multiple...

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no*. \^^o'* S|,J.-r- LABsEcrroN (1-20) Multiple Choice: Indicate the ONE best answer (1 pt each) 1) A cluster of flowers is cdled the. .. a) Androecium b) Filament c) Gynoecium @ Inflor""""n"" 2) Which of the follo*ing iB MOST accurste about meiosis? q) lr resulls in 4 dauglter cells- generiially ideiiica-ifo each orher @ lr resuhs in 4 daughter cells. lenetically different lrom eacb orher c) lt results in 2 daughtercells. geneticail) idetrtical lo each o$er d) lt results in 2 daughter cells, genetically dilTerent from each other a) Dichosamv @ ooubli renilization c) lncompatibility d) Unisexual flowers 4) Endosperm is. .. a) ln b) 2n (9Y rn d) 4n 5) The function offruit is to. .. Gy Attlact dispersers b) Attract pollinators c) C.onduction d) Photosynthesis fi} lermal \r{ ^ o, ulormo c) Meristem d) Vascular 7) MoDocots add dicots are itr which group ofplanas. .. (p
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8) A species is described by two parts. ., a) A kingdom and a genus b) A kinsdom and a division @ A genus and a species d) A species and varieq' 9) Which is NOT something early agriculturalists selected for in domesticating the lirst crop plants? a) Eliminarins
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Exam 2 Key - no*. \^o'* S|,J.-r- LABsEcrroN (1-20) Multiple...

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