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- Rons Angels is a hoax, you cant buy eggs and sperm - The Repository for Germinal Choice was however real *Robert Klark Graham *Escondito, California 1980-99 *First baby, April 19th 1982 *Some 200 Total *took sperm from nobel prize winners and asked women with high intelligence to have babies using the sperm - Fixing Genes/Creating Genes - Recombinant DNA: Altering the genetic makeup of an organism by adding new DNA to it or changing the DNA that is already there. (on the exam!) - we are eukaryote. DNA contained in the nucleus of the cell, multi cell organisms - Prokaryotes are other organisms living in us like E coli bacteria. in prokaryotes there are several rings in the cell called plasmids and one long strand of DNA. E coli actually reporduce sexually, they join and exchange plasmids. - Prokaryotes are a key to recombinant DNA - Prokaryotes dont have immune systems but they do have Restriction Enzymes,
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Unformatted text preview: they are used to cut a virus into pieces when it enters the cell- put e coli into fermentation vats, then extract plasmids. use restriction enzymes to cut the plasmids and you do the same to cut a selected gene from human dna. then connect the plasmids and piece of human gene and reinsert back into e coli bacteria. the e coli if done right now will do whatever that human gene says to do like for example harvesting human insilin using e coli.- anothe example is for hemopheliacs, they produce a protein used for clotting in sheeps milk. human gene has been implanted so the sheep produce it. The Control of Human Achievement- medication is usually developed for small groups of population, but since it so expensive to make, it is marketed to the healthy to be better than well...
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