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TUE7Quiz8 - Introduction to Linear Algebra Quiz#8 Tue 7 pm...

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Tue. 7 pm Department : ID : Name : Introduction to Linear Algebra Quiz #8 1. (a) is an × matrix and is a vector in . What is a least squares solution of    ? A least squares solution of    is a vector in such that   for all in (b) Every subspace of has an orthonormal basis. Is this statement true? No, the zero space has no basis. 2. Let be an × matrix with linearly independent row vectors. Find the standard matrix for the orthogonal projection of onto the row space of . The row space of is . Thus the orthogonal projection of onto  is the identity transformation. The standard matrix is the identity matrix . 3. Use the Gram-Schmit process to transform the given basis into an orthonormal basis. {    } where   ,
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