Exam 1 Review Lecture! (Anthro)

Exam 1 Review Lecture! (Anthro) - - replicate (vocab term)-...

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Stuff on the Exam He Mentioned in Class - amniocentesis (needle in the belly) and chorionic villus sampling (through cervix), pre-implantation study. in vitro studying of embryo - watson and crick - number of lethal genes a person carries - kinds of proteins (structural, enzymes, hormones) and what they do. what ones are most important (collagen) - prokaryote and eukaryote - plasmids - ecoli and single cell organisms - restriction enzymes (chops up virus dna in ecoli), used in recombinant DNA technology - immune system - cystic fibrosis, 1 in 100 people carriers, what is it what does it do. what caused it in white europeans. (typhoid fever) - sickle cell anemia (malaria) - taysachs (tuburculosis) - concordant (vocab term) - clinal (vocab term) - mitosis and meiosis - diploid and haploid
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Unformatted text preview: - replicate (vocab term)- chromatids- histones- nucleosomes- chomosomes- centromere- protein synthesis (determines what type of cell they are, if they are making adrenaline, they arnt a skin cell). how it works? starting with splitting of DNA and creating of messenger RNA- genes- transcription- codon- bases (ATGC)- ribosome- control of life and death- heroic medacine- organ transplantation- dilema of death itself- assisted reproduction- stem cells- in vitro, in vivo- totipotent, multipotent, differentiated- pig hearts- negative eugenics- prescription drugs, valium, prozac- control of human potentiality and marketing of those drugs to healthy people to make them even better- petrus camper (Maybe 1 Question on him) facial angle- karyotype- sandwhich generation-...
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Exam 1 Review Lecture! (Anthro) - - replicate (vocab term)-...

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