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PHYS-102 EXPERIMENTS General Instructions 1. Introduction Each lab report is organized roughly as follows: 1. Objective: This provides a brief description of the what is expected to be done in the lab. 2. Experimental Details: An discussion of how the experiment will be carried out. 3. Apparatus: provides a list of instruments required to carry out the experiment. 4. Experimental Procedure: A step by step description of experimental procedure to obtain the data. 5. Analysis: How to extract the results from the data collected in step above. 6. Conclusion and discussion of results. 7. In the lab descriptions that follow you will also find a “Pre-Lab” section. The aim of this section is to introduce you to some of the essential concepts relevant to the topic of the lab. This section should be completed before coming to the lab. At the beginning of each lab session, please submit the Pre-Lab section to your lab instructor. 2. Measurement and Error (uncertainty) 2.1 Precision and Accuracy There are two kinds of numbers that are used in science: those that are defined and those that are measured. The essential difference is this. Defined numbers are exact while the measured numbers are always subject to error (uncertainty) or a combination of errors. If you count ten oranges in a fruit bowl or sixteen students in a classroom, then these numbers (ten and sixteen) are exact. The errors in a measured number, of course, can never be stated exactly - if that were the case the experimental number would be known exactly- and are estimated. The experimental errors are introduced primarily due to the fact that no instrument can ever be made infinitely precise. These errors are thus inherent to the measurement process and should not be confused with “human error” or errors introduced in a measurement due to carelessness.
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PHYS-102LABGeneral_Instructions - PHYS-102 EXPERIMENTS...

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