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I am the Cheese - Theme Heroes are not always credited for their honesty and righteousness. This is the view towards society that Robert Cormier exhibits in the novel ¡§I am the Cheese¡¨, where the individual is punished for standing up to himself. In this society, the non-valiant are rewarded for their ignorance and compliance, narrated through the characters of Grey and Whipper. Moreover, Robert Cormier portrays this society to be void of truth and justice. This is seen through exploring the innocence behind Adam¡¦s parents¡¦ suffering and death. Nevertheless, the author holds reserve for truth and justice when Adam tries to complete the puzzle of his past. The character David Farmer, father of the novel¡¦s protagonist, plays the victim of the society in ¡§I am the cheese.¡¨ Through testifying to the truth, he and his family have had their freedom lacerated, and ultimately, have suffered the penalty of death. David Farmer began the case with the belief that ¡§he would be protected, his identity kept secret.¡¨ Although aware of the perilous circumstances and the hazards, his determination to act patriotically prevailed. His powerful
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