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Visualize the block ends where it starts so x2 x0 0 m

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Unformatted text preview: op. Visualize: The block ends where it starts, so x2 = x0 = 0 m. We expect v2 to be negative, because the block will be moving in the x-direction, so we'll want to take |v2| as the final speed. Because of friction, we expect to find |v2| < v0. r Solve: (a) The friction force is opposite to v , so f k points down the slope during the first half of the motion and r r up the slope during the second half. w and n are the only other forces. Newton's second law for the upward motion is a x = a0 = (F ) net x m = net -w sin q - f k m y = - mg sin q - f k m = n - mg cos q m a y = 0 m /s 2 = (F ) m = n - w cos q m The friction model is f k = m k n . First s...
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