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Mid-Term GUIDE Spring 2008 HIS 66 Amazons, Queens, Witches and Saints: Medieval and Early Modern Women HIS 66 Mid-Term Test Wednesday, April 30 12:30 – 1:40 p.m. Exam booklets : Please bring two blue exam booklets (available at the Bay Tree Bookstore) and remember to write your name on each clearly and legibly. Duration : 70 minutes Content of the exam: Everything that we have talked about in class, from week 1 to 5, which is to say: introduction, women in the Bible and the scientific tradition, women and the family, women and power, medieval and Renaissance queens and women and work. Parts of the exam: The exam is going to have two parts. Part One Short answer questions (50%): You will be given a list of ten names/places/topics. Choose five and explain what they are and concisely describe their relevance to women’s history as has been discussed in the course. For example: Aristotle, Gender, Virgin Mary, Joan of Kent, Elizabeth I… Part Two Long answer questions (50%):
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Unformatted text preview: You will be given a list of four statements relating to women’s history as commented in the course. Choose one of these and discuss, making reference to specific individuals, events and readings. -For example: “Matrimony is women’s “natural vocation”; “Women’s position in pre-modern European society was exclusively defined by their personal and sexual status”; “ Parental consent was necessary to get married in pre-modern Europe”; “The introduction of the dowry can be considered a decline in women’s situation.” Tips: Study Do the readings Use my power point notes and my pdf files as your study guide. They are posted on WebCT under Course Content and Related Materials, organized weekly. Before you start writing your exam make an outline of what you want to say, think big (as you know many themes that we have been talking about are related) but not too much (try to be precise and give examples to support your argument)....
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