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Chuck's Excellent Advice - S08 - STAT E-50 SPRING 2008...

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STAT E-50 SPRING 2008 MAY 12, 2008 IMPORTANT: THE EXAM WILL BE IN SCIENCE CENTER D. THE EXAM IS ON MONDAY, MAY 19, 2008 FROM 5:30PM TO 7:30PM. THE EXAM COVERS EVERYTHING SINCE THE MIDTERM EXAM. PREPARING FOR THE FINAL EXAM 1. WELL IN ADVANCE a. Organize the class handouts, your weekly homework, and the solutions from the class website in a 3-ring binder, tabbed for quick reference, starting with Assignment #6, March 10, 2008, “Sampling Distributions, Confidence Intervals.” Materials from before the Midterm could be helpful as well. The Midterm covered through Chapter 18, but not 19. b. Also tab pages in your textbook, especially the “Step by Step” examples in the text, (e.g.: p. 613) and the “Terms” of each chapter (e.g.: p. 622). Also, tab the tables in the rear of the text, or make separate copies of them. c. Make a few pages of your own key notes, such as particular formulas or definitions or concepts (e.g.: Interpreting Confidence Intervals, p. 526). Consider making your own guides to hypothesis tests, such as the example on p. 3 of this document. d. Watch the class videos, especially on concepts that you need more familiarity with
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This note was uploaded on 05/20/2008 for the course STAT 50 taught by Professor Weinstein during the Spring '08 term at Harvard.

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Chuck's Excellent Advice - S08 - STAT E-50 SPRING 2008...

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