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euthanasia outline - I. a. b. c. d. Origins of Nazi...

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I. Origins of Nazi euthanasia program: a. The origins of the Nazi euthanasia program can be traced back to the nazi sterilization program that took place during the first phase of the Holocaust (33-39). At the same time the Nazis are passing anti-Jewish legislation, they are also passing laws against the handicapped community. So when the Nazis passed the Sterilization Law they were attempting to purify the german population by trying to prevent genetically diseased offspring. These sterilization laws were compulsory and meant that anyone who was physically or mentally disable should not have the rights to pass these traits on to children. b. The Nazis didn’t invent sterilization, but actually looked to the US because in California for example there were many compulsory sterilizations that took place based on dubious race science. c. Here we see that medical doctors and nurses are willingly complying—public complicity. d. So the sterilization program is a prelude to Euthanasia. In 37 the sterilization program changes because the focus is now based on race, not just against handicaps. In 37 for the first time race is used as grounds for sterilization. Hitler gave a secret order to sterilize a very small group of mixed raced offspring known as the “Rhineland Bastards” and later changed to the “Rhineland Children”—they were the offspring of French soildiers (fr occupied part of ger in the 20s) who were from Africa and these soldiers mingled with the local population and children were born out of wedlock. So Hit wanted to sterilize these children to preclude the continuation of the af race line in germany. All 500 of these children were sterilized and their families were coerced into it, wasn’t voluntary. II. Implementation of the euthanasia program a. Originally, in the 17th c the term “euthanasia” meant “an easy or gentle death.” In the 19 th c. the term came to mean that someone who is suffering from illness should be allowed to choose when and how they die. The Nazis played with the language of euthanasia by confusing the traditional idea of a voluntary program with their own compulsory program. The Nazis reinterpreted the idea of mercy death in racial and biological terms.They said anyone born abnormal deserved mercy b/c their life wasn’t worth living so they made this a compulsory program cased “lives not worth living” which was a secret operation referred to as Operation T- 4. Hit signed the order to establish this program which was set up in
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euthanasia outline - I. a. b. c. d. Origins of Nazi...

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